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          Beijing Jiaxun Feihong Electrical Co., Ltd was established in 1995. In 2011, we are listed in China stock market(stock code: 300213). Up to now, Jiaxun Feihong has served over 10 countries’customers. The registered capital of company is ¥595 million and the accumulated tax payment is over ¥400 million.

    In the past 24 years, concentrating on ICT domain and closely following technical development trend, Jiaxun Feihong provides tailord products and solutions to support our customers to realize intelligent operation and management. With the appplications of industry 4.0, Jiaxun Feihong is changing from a dispatching product provider to an intelligent dispatching and command chain supplier. We integrate, analyze, data-mining the multi-dimensional information and dedicate to research in the intelligent dispatching and command domain.

    Each year, Jiaxun Feihong invests over 10% sales revenue in R&D and successfully obtains 266 patents. By integrating advanced technology of information, communication and automation,Jiaxun Feuhong has developed more than ten product lines which cover dispatching and command, videosurveillance, emergency communication, intelligent disaster prevention, intelligent sensor and UAV. The secure, reliable and cost-effective solutions are widely deployed in many industries such as railway, urban rail transit, energy, electric power and customs etc. With the development and application of loT, big data, cloud computing and UAV, Jiaxun Feihong will continually promote smart city development around the word.

    Jiaxun Feihong always sticks to provide high quality of products and services, and supplies our world-wide customers with innovative technologies and excellent solutions. I deal with sophisticated technology and you enjoy smart operation. We satisfy our clients' diversified requirement, improve their production efficiency and thus enhance their intelligent management ability. We not only obtain high appraisals from our customers, but also maintain sustainable development.

    While expanding our company operation system and implementing the decision of building intelligent command and dispatching industry chain, Jiaxun Feihong also actively paritipate in the Belt and Road lnitiative. We believe that the common pursuit of the word is to decrease the loss of disaster, to keep the word safe, and to enhance life quality. Interconnected and intelligent services will create a btter user experience. Jiaxun Feinong sincerely hope to step into an intelligent word with our cooperators under the guidance of the globalizazion strategy.

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